Melanin Carota Volcanic hybrid Accelerator

Melanin Carota Volcanic hybrid Accelerator

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Melanin Carota's Volcanic Hybrid Tanning Accelerator helps you achieve the perfect tan in a natural way regardless of your skin type! 

  • Outstanding results
  • Very effective on sun beds
  • For use on all skin types
  • leaves no stains
  • Absorbs fast
  • 100%, natural ingredients
  • Hydrates & nurtures 
  • Made in the Uk
  • Cruelty Free

Created from only the finest 100% natural ingredients, it’s the ideal product for those who care about their skin yet still want to enjoy tanning. All you need is a tanning bed or sunshine and you will achieve amazing results in a fast and natural way.


Please note that if in direct sunlight, an SPF is recommended.

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