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Melanin Carota is a product
from the worldwide company,
Liquid Lipo Ltd.
Melanin Carota is the future of tanning, made from natural ingredients and the finest carrot root, this tan enhancing wax
is like no other on the market!
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Tanning has fast become a popular activity in the western world, we often get little sunlight for most of the year and this can result in health problems such seasonal affective disorder. Sunlight has been shown to have health benefits such as improved Vitamin D production, improving fatigue and energy levels, it can help improve mood. Australian studies show those with early Multiple Sclerosis have a better prognosis with continued exposure to sun light, sunlight can also improve dermatological problems.

It is estimated in the USA alone 10 percent of the population use tanning Salons and associated products, nasal drops and tanning injections being two such products.

The mechanism of tanning involves UV radiation. UV rays penetrate to the lower layers of the Epidermis, where they trigger cells called melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin is the brown pigment that causes tanning.
Melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning and so tanning products aimed at causing a faster tan not only speed the tan process but reduce the amount of exposure time needed to the radiation, thus reducing the risks from the harmful radiation.

However, while quicker tanning can reduce the radiation exposure needed, often people use unregulated products putting them in grave danger of side effects, tanning pills for example are not approved or regulated by the FDA, in fact the FDA has banned them do the potential side effects from ingestion in large quantities yet people will buy these via other sources.

Tanning injections, nasal drops and implants were found to carry significant risks when studied, the FDA have announced these products have the potential to cause side effects including erectile difficulties, hypertension, blood Bourne infections, Encephalopathy (brain damage) and other severe problems.

Melanin Carota is different, it is made with 99% high grade carrot root, this carrot root absorbs into the skin, it heightens the production of melanin and results in a more consistent all over tan, it is stronger than other products on the market, it is the strongest product in the world when it comes to tanning, but more than this it is Licensed and regulated, it is therefore safe!

There are other products on the market using carrot root, however these are in lotion and oil form, they have only a small percentage of carrot root and cost around $70 USD, our product is a wax and this allows us to get 99% of the active ingredient into the pot.

It is vegan friendly and natural, gets better results than other products so why take the risk, get a better tan without the risks, buy Melanin Carota today.